5 Steps To Wasp Proof Your Home

The wasp, everyone’s enemy!  The only small predator that will ruin a barbecue in minutes. They’re everywhere and it feels like there’s no escaping their wrath when you’re trying to sit down on your patio for a nice dinner.

Thankfully, there are some simple tricks that can help detour these party crashers! 

Keep Your Food Here, And Their Food There

Wasps love sweet foods and fatty food.  These guys will scavenge and forage up to half a mile away from their nests every day.  Their sense of smell is on point and if you’re serving up a delicious meal, plan on wasps attending without an invite.

Secure your garbage cans and keep them away from where you’re eating.  Hose them down every few months as well to wash away the smell of food.

Make sure to clean your barbecue right away and to clean up any dirty dishes or left-over food.  

You can also make a small plate for the wasps, and place the plate a significant distance from where you’re eating to detour the wasps.

All in all, the most effective way to eliminate wasps is to eliminate their source of food.

Block Points of Entry

Wasps build their nests during the spring and continue to build through the summer.  Most of their nests are grey and papery and you can find them attached to branches and overhangs on your home, sheds, and attics.  If there is a gap or overhang, it’s a good home for wasps.

You can stop these guys from making your home theirs by sealing the cracks you find in your window frames, door frames, and siding.  Block vents with metal covers and fill any holes you may find in your yard because they can also build their homes underground.

Set Traps

A fun experimental trap my grandpa taught me years ago will attract the wasp and they’ll get stuck inside.  Get a clean milk carton and cut a large opening on the opposite side of the handle.

Fill the jug up to the opening with soapy water and vinegar so you don’t attract honey bees.

Use a string to hang a piece of meat right above your soapy water line, and then hang the whole trap in a tree at the opposite end of where you and your family will be present.  This will attract them away from your desired location, and keep them from coming back!

Plant Herbs and Flowers 

Believe it or not, wasps avoid certain types of plants and herbs!  They’ve been known to dislike mint, thyme, basil, and citronella.  You can also plant marigolds and geraniums to detour wasps.  Plant these beauties around your patio or deck.  You’ll get to enjoy the beauty of the flowers and herbs while remaining wasp-free.

Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional pest control expert is the best way to keep wasps off your property.  The pros can find where they’re coming from and remove their nests safely.  They will also apply preventative solutions to keep them from coming back.

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