7 Reason To Continue Your Pest Control Through The Winter

Winter is a time for us to slow down, we pack it in with the short days and spend quality time with family.  The pests and rodents are also packing it up and slowing down.  Pests, rats, and mice utilize the winter to feed and multiply and it often happens in the warmth and comfort of your home.

If you’re considering cutting out your pest control during the winter months to save on cost, you may want to reconsider because you’re only giving those pests a head start for spring.

We’ve come up with the top 7 reasons to continue your pest control through the winter – 

  1. Rodents will find a way into your home if all entry points are not sealed.
  2. When we’re able to continue service and remove nests or webs or even eggs, we’re preventing these pests from coming back when the warm weather returns.
  3. Attics and crawl spaces provide shelter to insects and rodents as they’re trying to escape the cold weather.
  4. Pests and rodents living inside the walls of your home are not affected by the blistery temperatures, therefore thriving and ready to come back full force.
  5. When our professionals perform a thorough inspection, inside and outside, we’re ensuring that your home is pest free and we’re able to remediate any current problems before they get out of hand.
  6. Termites, carpenter ants, silverfish and many other insects thrive indoors.
  7. Weather can affect the strength of your home.  Moisture, temperature and wind can affect the roof, siding and foundation.  When your defenses are down, pest can invade.

At Nemesis Pest Control, our program is designed for Southern Oregon homes and businesses to be efficient and effective.  The most advanced products are applied professionally by highly trained technicians.  

Our Guarantee: If You Encounter A Pest Problem At Any Time Between Your Regular Serviced Treatments, We Will Return And Retreat At No Additional Cost.

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