Apartment Pest Control

If you’re new to apartment living or considering that professional pest control may be right for your apartment, then you’ve probably wondered if you can even have it applied to your space.  We’re here to tell you, yes you can!

In optimal circumstances, your apartment manager or landlord would provide proactive pest control within your contract, but that’s not always the case.  The good news is, you can hire a professional yourself.

There are several customizable treatment options for apartment tenants. Some apartments are sprayed on the outside only, completing service in one day which you can choose to be home for or not.  You can also request service to be performed inside, once approved by the property manager if you do feel it’s needed. Inside treatment would be optimal for units that have no exterior walls.

Technicians will typically spray the foundation, all around the doors and porches or decks.  This will typically discourage bugs from returning.

In the event that you’re concerned about termites or bed bugs, then the technician would also want to check the units surrounding yours to be sure to eliminate the infestation completely at the route cause.

How To Prepare For Your Treatment

Make sure to secure your pets so they don’t interfere with the technicians

Make sure to clean up in the areas where treatment is being applied.  If you have outside decor or children’s toys, make sure to tidy them all up so these areas can be sprayed effectively.

If you have any fragile items that may get in the way, move them to a safe location.  Technicians may need to move items to get around all the walls of your home. 

What To Expect

Commonly the whole process is quick and easy.  Although, if you have an infestation, the technician will likely take more time to set bait and traps in addition to spraying.  Depending on how large the infestation is, they may need to come back and retreat as well.

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