Fall Is Coming, Where Do The Bugs Go?

We’re ready for warm blankets, cozy days, and hot cocoa, and so are the Bugs. They like to come creeping into your house to keep warm through the winter to survive so that when the sun comes back out to greet us in the spring, they can emerge to a new life.  They’re cold-blooded little guys so the weather affects them differently than us warm-blooded creatures.

Off To Hiding

Most of the time you’ll see creepy spiders invading your warm house, but they like to hide in small cracks or crevices and show their faces again during mating season.

Some insects hibernate and find warm places to escape the winter season.  Some hibernate as adults or as larvae, nymphs, and eggs.  They like the underground habitats or tree trunks.

Other creatures like wasps or bees like to be sheltered in the eaves of your home or barn if you have one, and also trees or logs.  They typically stay dormant until the spring.

Why Does Weather Affect Ant Invasions?

Sometimes you’ll notice ants showing their faces during winter.  Why aren’t they hiding away?

That’s because they’re affected by different temperature changes and moisture variants.  Let’s say you had a random warm day in the winter, or you have heated concrete, that can wake up an ant colony to emerge sooner than usual.

Ants can invade during any type of weather, but there are times when activity tends to decrease or increase.


If you notice an army of ants during your rainy season, it’s probably because their home has been flooded so they’re searching for dry ground.


Dry weather actually affects food supply when there’s a long duration of it.  Some ants may build their nest close to your home so they have easier access to your food supplies. 

What’s Your Best Defense?

Maintaining a regular pest control program for your home will keep pests out and away from your lively hood.  Call Nemesis Pest Control today for your no-cost pest inspection!

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