Hire a professional OR DIY Pest Control?

What do you think of when you think pest control?  Are you a fan of DIY and prefer to buy store bought products?  Or do you hire a professional?  Or, are you reading this article to come to a decision on one or the other?

We’re going to talk about just that and why Nemesis Pest Control hits a home run when it comes to either of these choices.


When Nemesis is handling your pest control services you won’t ever have to worry about storing and mixing chemicals or cleaning and maintaining your own equipment.


This is a huge one!

If you have children or pets, you probably don’t want to store chemical products in your garage where they could have access to it. 

There’s also the risk of mixing chemicals improperly or accidentally getting it on your skin, then what?!

Best Results

DIY-ers may have all the best intentions for their own pest control however, when life takes over (which it will) you may forget to spray your home a few times a year which doesn’t help preventative measures when protecting your home.

There’s also the likelihood that the products bought in store are much less effective than the products we mix as a licensed pest control company, delivering optimal results.

Cost Effective

If your thinking DIY pest control is more cost effective, you may want to reconsider.

Between the cost of premixed or diluted chemicals you can buy at the store, the trips to the store and applying the product yourself quarterly- you’ll notice how quickly the cost adds up.

With Nemesis Pest Control you not only get high quality pest control but Devine Rat-ribution and customer service that always exceeds your expectations!

We provide discounts to veterans as well as our loyal clients.  

Give us a call today and we’ll provide you with a no cost pest inspection and evaluation of your home, as we always do!

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