Are you concerned with rodents in your home?  Setting a few traps may feel like the right solution, however, if not done properly your rodent problem could be more significant and complicated than anticipated.

To fully remediate a rodent problem, there are many more steps involved than just setting a few traps.

Sealing the Exterior Entry Points

Sealing the home is a fairly quick process, depending on how many entry points there are to seal.  This is why it is vital for a pest control professional to do a thorough inspection of the perimeter of the home, the crawlspace and foundation, and the attic.  These points are often missed when a company doesn’t actually crawl under the whole house, to every corner, and to every wall.  In the worst case, some homes may have multiple entrances, rotten wood, attic entry points, broken vents, and more.  These situations will take longer to repair.

After all the entry points have been sealed, trapping the rodents may take multiple visits to completely eliminate the problem.

If there is a large population of rodents you may typically see your traps working well.  Young juvenile rats typically make this process more productive.  However, there are times where you may go days without anything in the traps but still notice signs of their activity.  This is when a professional may change the trapping procedure or provide different types of traps that are developed for this situation.  Experience is key.

In conclusion, there is, unfortunately, no real timeline because every situation is unique to its environment. It takes an experienced pest control expert to spot fresh sign that a homeowner may not be aware of.  Hiring a professional to maintain and monitor will provide security, peace of mind and keep those rodents from returning in the future.

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