How Often Do You Need Pest Control Treatment?

Have you hired a pest control service, but feel like you’re not seeing results?  Even when you take it into your own hands, do you find you’re still seeing ants or rodents returning with no victory in sight?

Rest assured, there’s always a solution, and it doesn’t involve burning the house down!  Chances are you may have an infestation or a variety of variables that could cause re-infestation.  Whatever the case, hiring a professional with preventative maintenance is essential and we’ll fill you in on why.

What is preventative pest control?

At Nemesis, we recommend you get a pest control service that fits your needs and expectations while considering the pest issues that are specific to your home or location.  For example, the age of your home, the landscape, and weather pattern will all play a role in the preventative application within your pest control services to meet those expectations while keeping your home pest-free.

Typically, a home on Quarterly Service is sufficient to ensure your home or business will remain free from pesky intruders.  However, if your pest problem is out of control or perhaps your variables are against you, (businesses like restaurants or homes with very mature vegetation sometimes “produce” or “attract” more pests than others) then we have programs that offer more frequent visits than every two or three months.


You may want to prepare to see your pest control guy on a regular basis for a short while if you have an infestation.  Your home may require multiple treatments, then inspections, repeat until the issue is resolved.

Another variable to this is what specific pests have made your home their home, and how long the infestation has been taking place, where they’re located in your home, and how widespread out it is.  

There are helpful tips and trick you can use on your home to aid in reducing your pest issues however, there are some things that are out of your control (variables) which is why it’s helpful to have a trustworthy pest control service by your side to help with preventative maintenance. 

It’s also wise to have a pro correctly identify what type of pest infestation you have, and what species they are.  This may change the treatment method used for a different species.

Characteristics of Your Situation

Some places have tropical climates, warm, humid or cold, and blistery.  Here in Southern Oregon, we can witness a little bit of everything outside of a major weather catastrophe.  But, we have tons of diverse pest issues.  Weather variables will play a role-specific to your property as well as if your home is surrounded by trees, water, or woods, and if you’re near businesses like restaurants or downtown city life. 

Although preventative pest control sounds like a heavy load, while considering all the different characteristics that may affect how often your home or business requires maintenance, we highly recommend asking a trusted professional how long they expect the treatment to last before it’s needed again.

Benefits of Regular Pest Control

Lastly, another benefit to regularly scheduled pest control maintenance is that the pest control tech will often find problems before they’ve grown out of control.  If subtle signs have been discovered early, then the tech can quickly prevent the issue from becoming more severe.

There’s no one shoe fits all when it comes to regular pest control service, which is why we recommend calling a professional to have your home and property evaluated.  Contact Nemesis Pest Control today. 

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