Is Our Products Safe?

Our product is designed to target the pests that we want it too.  We are licensed and follow strict guidelines by law to dilute to the specific amount it takes to perform it’s duty without harming pets and us!

In its undiluted form, these chemicals can certainly be harmful if consumed, however that is highly unlikely.  Pest control products are not safe to consume, even if they claim to be “all natural”.  There are health risks in all chemicals and how they’re used.

Our technicians are trained and licensed to apply products properly and effectively.  After 60-90 days our products break down completely so it does not cause build up.

At Nemesis Pest Control we want to earn your business, not just today but for years to come! That is why we always provide an honest, no cost inspection of your home or business and will only advise on services you truly need.

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