Preparing For Spring And Pests

There are so many things to look forward to in the springtime! Birds singing, warmer days with the sun shining, it’s a beautiful time of renewal. 

We typically are so excited to enjoy this time we don’t consider the influx of pests and bugs that are coming our way as well.  Once the weather starts to warm up, you might discover you have a serious pest problem.

Let’s talk about how you can prepare for the season easily while still enjoying all it has to offer.

Wasps, spiders, beetles, mites, and ants are just some of the common springtime pests that we see buggin out homeowners. 

The best way to cease a problem before it starts is to thoroughly inspect your home throughout the year.  Check out the exterior of the home, attic, crawlspace, and pay special close attention to your foundations and screens. Double-check your windows for small cracks or holes as well because ants can enter your home through those tiny spaces.

Seal anything up that’s providing an entry point to your home.  Once you eliminate their entry options, they can’t come in to bug you out.

Maintain Trees And Shrubs

Pest can use your trees and shrubs as highways to your home. Make sure you have a barrier between your foundation and grass and shrubs. Pests thrive in grass and shrubs which can create a great place for them to infiltrate your house.

Spring Cleaning

Pests love to spend their time grubbing on the food in your pantry, especially if food is not sealed properly. Make sure you have proper sealing containers for items that may not close easily like chips, crackers, or cookie packages. 

Keep your counters wiped and clean as well as your floors and tidy up your cabinets. These simple chores will significantly help fight those pesky pests.

When you aren’t sure how to identify your pest issue or you’d like a thorough inspection and professional pest control maintenance, call us at Nemesis Pest Control to always provide service beyond any reasonable expectation and divine rat-ribution.

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